The Abraham Project (TAP) is an Episcopal Service Corp (ESC) program that welcomed its first group of young adults in the summer of 2011 and is now in its third year of operation.  The name of our program is inspired by the scripture in Genesis where God called Abram to leave everything and everyone he knows to follow him.

Abram had to trust God completely through his journey. This journey is so transforming that in the end Abram becomes Abraham. It is our hope that those who make up TAP will, like Abraham; trust in God, in themselves and in us; so much that they to will be transformed from this step in the journey of life.

TAP participants live in intentional community with one another in provided housing and share a food allowance. Interns also receive a simple monthly stipend as well as health insurance. Interns arrive in August and begin work in the local agencies soon after their arrival. Time is also dedicated to personal discernment as well as being in communion with the larger congregation at St. Timothy╩╝s Episcopal Church. The journey lasts until mid-June each year.

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  1. l.m. says:

    Are any opportunities left for 2014?

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