The Abraham Project has partnered with local agencies to provide social justice work experience for each of our program participants.  TAP Interns are guaranteed to gain knowledge and experience in social justice opportunities with all of these organizations. It is our hope that your experience will increase the communityʼs awareness of local social justice issues. Your experiences should inspire you to explore your personal faith as it relates to day-to-day interactions and life-long choices.  If you feel like TAP is the program for you, go to and complete the on-line application. From that application applicants will need to indicate TAP as a program of interest.

Healthcare Access
HealthCare Access is a network of physician volunteers, partner organizations and funders who provide healthcare to low-income, medically uninsured persons living in a defined geographic area. HealthCare Access coordinates care; it does not provide direct care.  The intern for this position will screen applicants and match them with the proper services.  Additionally, the intern may also assist applicants in finding affordable insurance options.  Interns are supervised by senior staff at HealthCare Access, and interns are provided with appropriate training and instruction on the job.
SECU Family House
Provides affordable lodging in a caring environment for referred adult patients and/or their caregivers who travel to Winston-Salem, N.C., for medical treatment. Staff and volunteers are on site at all times to assist the more than 2,000 families a year who will stay at the House, as well as the outpatients who will come for day respite in between treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. The intern for this position will assistant in various capacities with volunteer coordinating, public relations, and any other need the staff of the Family House may need. Interns are provided with appropriate training and instruction on the job.
Habitat for Humanity
The mission of Habitat for Humanity is building affordable housing for local families.   Habitat offers a Youth Volunteer Engagement position.  The duties of this intern include the following:
  • - Oversee the Youth United Program
  • - Attend youth related events and speaking engagements
  • - Develop educational curriculum to be used for all ages
  • - Develop and implement fundraising strategies for the Youth United Build
  • - Create and foster new community and collegiate partnerships
  • - Other duties as related to Youth Programs
The Children’s Center
The Centers for Exceptional Children is a local non-profit agency made up of two schools that serve children with developmental delays.  These are The Children’s Center and The Special Children’s School.  Between both schools, they are able to serve infants and toddlers as well as school aged children.  Students enrolled at these schools receive Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy during the school day.  The curriculum focuses on educational learning as well as the development of self-help skills. Some of the classrooms provide an inclusive setting where typically developing children learn side-by-side those with developmental delays.  This inclusive setting creates a reciprocal relationship like no other that fosters compassion and understanding in children at a young age.  It is a wonderful, nurturing environment provided to all children that attend either of these schools.