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The Abraham Project (TAP) is an Episcopal Service Corp (ESC) program that welcomed its first group of young adults in the summer of 2011 and is now in its sixth year of operation. The program places interns at local non-profit agencies where they work part-time; they live in intentional Christian community and participate in the worship and ministry life of St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church.

The name of our program is inspired by the scripture in Genesis where God called Abram to leave everything and everyone he knows to follow Him. Abram had to trust God completely through his journey. This journey is so transforming that in the end Abram becomes Abraham. It is our hope that those who make up TAP will, like Abraham, trust in God, in themselves, and in us; we hope that through this experience interns will grow and flourish into who God is calling them to be.

TAP participants live in intentional community with one another in provided housing and share a food allowance. Interns also receive a simple monthly stipend as well as health insurance. Interns arrive in August and begin work in the local agencies soon after their arrival. Time is also dedicated to personal discernment as well as being in communion with the larger congregation at St. Timothyʼs Episcopal Church. The TAP year begins in late-August and lasts until mid-June each year.

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Our intentional community is an attempt to live out Jesus’ commandment to love one’s neighbor as oneself in a literal and purposeful way. Intentional community means that we don’t interact passively. Through a Rule of Life, we grow deeper relationships with one another through practices of shared meals, prayers, and lives. Being in this community is counter-cultural and, in some ways, monastic.

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We live out Jesus’ message by being in community with those most in need. This means living and working with the underserved and forgotten populations of society through internships with established agencies in Winston Salem. Our service is sacramental — an outward visible sign of God’s inward spiritual grace and love for the world.

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Interns are provided many opportunities to explore and grow spiritually, but a lot of these opportunities only happen when our interns embrace them. Interns are encouraged to live out their spirituality in all aspects of their lives; often such matters are addressed in the rule of life. Through living in community, simple living, work in the non-profit agency, and participation at St. Timothy’s interns will be both challenged and nurtured in their spirituality. There are monthly retreats in the year for TAP interns to take time to intentionally reflect upon the change and growth occurring.

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