Serving with ESC gives every person the chance to evaluate their self and their surroundings in search of how God is calling each of us to live. The tenet of simple living is not an attempt to strip corps members of their connection with modern culture or their lives prior to ESC, but rather an opportunity for corps members to recall what the basic necessities of life are in order to enrich their lives in unconventional ways. Corps members have their needs taken care of and are allowed the space to seek luxuries beyond the material. Simple living promotes trust in God for providence, and not in the world or self.

Interns will examine how their choices impact their faith. Focusing on how the resources of time, talent, and money are used will be a focus of the program.  In a world that measures success by material possessions and power, interns are challenged to humble themselves and to distance themselves from the things that separate them from God. It calls us to evaluate ourselves, our culture, and on what we place importance.

Interns receive a stipend for personal expenses and food. Housing is provided and health insurance is available to those who need it.