Internship Opportunities

A year of service

Interns spend their year in service with different agencies in Winston Salem. Interns work 30-35 hours per week. Our interns are treated like staff members, not volunteers, at their agencies and are expected to conduct themselves as such.


Brenner FIT

Brenner FIT is a pediatric weight management program that operates out of Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center. Brenner FIT addresses childhood obesity by working with the whole family to improve their overall relationship with food. They operate two programs, one in English and one in Spanish. Each program offers cooking skills classes, family activity classes, nutrition classes and a clinical component. Many Brenner FIT families tend to come from low-income families. The intern for this position will help combat food insecurity in these Brenner FIT families and in Winston Salem, Forsyth County as a whole by conducting research, maintaining a pediatric clinic food pantry and distributing fresh produce at classes. Additionally, interns will help out with the daily operations of Brenner FIT including volunteering with Brenner FIT staff in classes, lead teaching cooking classes and various administrative tasks. Interns are supervised by a Brenner FIT staff member, and are provided with initial and ongoing training throughout their TAP year.

HealthCare Access

HealthCare Access is a network of physician volunteers, partner organizations and funders who provide healthcare to low-income, medically uninsured persons living in a defined geographic area. HealthCare Access coordinates care; it does not provide direct care. The intern for this position will screen applicants and match them with the proper services. Additionally, the intern may also assist applicants in finding affordable insurance options. Interns are supervised by senior staff at HealthCare Access, and interns are provided with appropriate training and instruction on the job.

Seven Homes Foster Care and Adoption Agency

Seven Home is a private foster care and adoption agency in Greensboro, NC. Seven Homes aims to address the need of the whole child: spiritual, intellectual, physical, emotional, and recreational. The intern at this placement will advocate for children in the foster care system. This intern will be responsible for managing a small case load of about five to ten children. The intern will be present at all home visits, court dates, and permanency planning meeting. The Intern will also help the foster family schedule and transport children to and from therapy and doctors’ appointments as needed. Day to day the intern needs to keep detailed records to be added to the child’s file and also help other case managers with their case load. Interns are supervised by the case mangers supervisor and are treated as member of the case managing team, which entails a great deal of autonomy. This Intern will be part of staff life at Seven Homes and will assist in other tasks as needed.


The mission of READWS is to reach, teach and advocate for struggling readers by training tutors, educators and parents to use the evidence-based, best practices of a multisensory structured literacy approach.  We focus on students who are at an economic disadvantage.

READWS is an outreach mission of St. Paul’s Episcopal Church. In addition, many other individuals, foundations, schools, faith-based communities and civic organizations join with St. Paul’s as tutors, donors, supporters and advocates.



Eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all.

We provide effective programs to empower women and girls through education, advocacy and unity.  Strengthened by diversity, the YWCA draws together people from the community who strive to create opportunities for women’s growth, leadership and empowerment.

The YWCA of Winston-Salem and Forsyth County transforms the lives of women and girls, helping them reach their full potential by delivering innovative and affordable programs such as supportive services for women, childcare, development programs for teens and breast cancer awareness programs.

SECU Family House

Provides affordable lodging in a caring environment for referred adult patients and/or their caregivers who travel to Winston-Salem, N.C., for medical treatment. Staff and volunteers are on site at all times to assist the more than 2,000 families a year who will stay at the House, as well as the outpatients who will come for day respite in between treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy. The intern for this position will assistant in various capacities with volunteer coordinating, public relations, and any other need the staff of the Family House may need. Interns are provided with appropriate training and instruction on the job.


The Centers for Exceptional Children

The Centers for Exceptional Children is a local non-profit agency made up of two schools that serve children with developmental delays. These are The Children’s Center and The Special Children’s School. Between both schools, they are able to serve infants and toddlers as well as school aged children. Students enrolled at these schools receive Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy during the school day. The curriculum focuses on educational learning as well as the development of self-help skills. Some of the classrooms provide an inclusive setting where typically developing children learn side-by-side those with developmental delays. This inclusive setting creates a reciprocal relationship like no other that fosters compassion and understanding in children at a young age. It is a wonderful, nurturing environment provided to all children that attend either of these schools.