Opportunities at St. Timothy’s

In addition to the 30-35 hours a week at the agency site, TAP interns will also be expected to spend an average of 10 hours per week at St. Timothy’s participating in worship or formation. How that ten hours manifests itself is up to the intern. There are several areas or “tracks” where interns can get involved; however, interns are not limited to what is listed below. Interns are encouraged to explore and test their comfort zone while also utilizing their skills they already to possess to enrich St. Tim’s. That means tracks can be combined, new paths can be forged, and trying something new is both acceptable and encouraged.

The tracks are for both spiritual and personal development. The TAP year is meant to be transformative and thus intrinsically involves a level of discernment – whether that discernment is official (which is fully possible to pursue at St. Tim’s), unofficial, or for a life dedicated to God but not ultimately through church work, interns have the chance to learn and grow in a safe and supportive environment.

Tracks are in no way meant to be limiting. Instead, they are meant to provide some focus and structure to the plethora of activities going on at the vibrant community of St. Tim’s. Interns in the past have chosen to focus primarily upon Children’s Formation and Choral Ministry but participate in youth and outreach events as able. Others have focused primarily upon Youth Formation but still participated in Choral Ministries and participated in the Liturgy, or chosen to focus most of the energies on Outreach.
Each track has a staff member that serves as a mentor of sorts in that particular field. Their name will be listed under the track title.

Youth Formation Track

Fr. Steve Rice

Youth formation meets Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings. At minimum, interns on the youth formation track will be present consistently at one or the other; interns have the option to participate in lesson planning, facilitating discussion, and exploring youth ministry. Youth formation interns are encouraged to participate in youth service and social events. You may also assist with the youth choir, Cantate. Interns will undoubtedly eat a few Krispy Kreme doughnuts, learn the slap game, and hang out with some pretty awesome teenagers.

Children’s Formation Track

Katie Bryant

Like youth formation, there are several ways to get involved with children’s ministry. Sunday mornings offer opportunities for structured Godly Play teaching opportunities while Wednesday evenings allow for a more low key formation experience. Interns may also participate with the choristers (Cherub Choir or St. Francis Choir), Club 54 (a group for 3rd -5th graders), and other service opportunities for children.

Choral Ministry Track

Christin Barnhardt

Participating in choir is not just an opportunity to sing, but also to participate in the worship experience for the parish. Interns will be expected to attend Wednesday night rehearsals and sing at one (or both!) Sunday services most weeks. You have the option to participate more fully by also singing at the additional St. Timothy’s worship services (Evensongs, feast days, etc.).

Liturgical Track

Father Steve

Interns choosing the liturgical track participate in the logistics of worship – this can range from serving at the altar, ushering, serving as lector, officiating parts of the daily office, and more. Liturgical track interns will be part of the formal service. Interns have the option in committing to as much or as little as they feel comfortable with in the liturgy – one may certainly learn the ways of the Episcopalian liturgy comfortably or expand upon familiar traditions.

Outreach Track

Katie Bryant

Two years ago, the winter was bitterly cold and St. Timothy’s responded to the resounding need in Winston Salem for more emergency overflow shelters by becoming one itself. St. Timothy’s now serves as an overflow shelter during the winter months, from Dec. 1 to March 31 each year.

Outreach ministry at St. Timothy’s is incarnational and focuses primarily upon the shelter. Interns will have the opportunity to volunteer in a variety of positions when the shelter opens and are also able to participate in its planning and logistics.